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The gynecology clinic, operating for more than twenty years, is a safe space where the utmost care is paid to every girl, woman, mother, or grandmother. Our clinic provides obstetrics, gynecology, pregnancy care, infertility diagnosis and treatment, and breast disease diagnosis and preventative services.

Our vision is to provide the highest quality continuing health care for women while building a long-term, trust-based relationship.

Our mission is to help women achieve optimal health outcomes. We provide long-term experience-based gynecological and prenatal care in a safe and comfortable atmosphere, and all of our decisions are based on the latest methodology and research in the field.

A woman’s body is the child’s first home, and the health of the baby depends on the health of your body, so we make sure to pay particular attention to prenatal care.

The importance of preventive check-ups and health monitoring cannot be overstated, in order to detect the slightest changes in time and to prevent the worsening of any diseases.

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