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Men's study:

  • spermogram;
  • urological examination;
  • endocrine examination (FSH, LH, TTH, FT4, prolactin, testosterone, thyroid examination, etc.);
  • examination for urogenital infection.

Women's study:

  • examination of endocrine status (basal body temperature, gonadotropic);
  • study of thyroid and sex hormones in dynamics - FSH, LH, TTH;
  • FT4, prolactin, progesterone, estradiol, testosterone;
  • ultrasound monitoring of follicle growth;
  • sperm-mucosal immune, etc. coincidence samples (Simso-Huner et al.)

Treatment options for infertility in families:

  • treatment of male infertility;
  • artificial insemination of male semen;
  • treatment of female infertility;
  • endocrine, infertility in the correction of disorders, monitoring of treatment using radioimmune hormone tests (FSH, LH, TTH, FT4, prolactin, progesterone, estradiol);
  • correction of ovulation and corpus luteum dysfunction;
  • follicle growth monitoring using transvaginal ultrasound diagnostics of follicle growth with 5 MHz and 7.5 MHz frequency sensors, and gonadotropic and sex hormone tests;
  • microsurgical tubal surgery;
  • plastic uterine surgery;
  • correction of cervical mucosal quality and quantity disorder;
  • intrauterine insemination prepared for the treatment of cervical mucosal pathology and immune infertility in male semen;
  • stimulation of ovarian function using gonadotropin-releasing factor agonists and gonadotropins and monitoring of stradiol and ovarian and uterine mucosal changes;
  • preparatory examination and treatment before in vitro fertilization procedures.

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